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Jessica B.

Friday will be 3 weeks since I've had my PRK surgery! I couldn't get Lasik bc of the shapes of my cornea and the thickness of my eyes, but I DO NOT have any regrets! PRK is a longer healing process, but it really wasn't painful. The only discomfort I had was my eyes feeling like I had been cutting onions nonstop. The first 3 days I kept my eyes closed as much as possible and only opened them when it was time to put drops in my eyes. If you do have to have this type of surgery I do recommend sleeping with an eye mask over your eyes along with the "goggles" that are given to you. The contact bandages that are put on for about 5 days do dry out and it helped me with that. My eyes didnt dry out as bad as others that have had that complaint. I wanted to prepare myself so I found a really good YouTube video of the procedure and watched it. Everything that Dr Singer explained and did is what was exactly in the video I watched so it helped all with the nervousness. I would highly recommend him!! He and his staff were great! They answered any and all questions I had and told me exactly what to expect!!! So glad I'm able to live glasses/contact free!!

Christy G.

Definitely great staff! dr singer did a amazing job overall. very friendly couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I would recommend any of my friends and family ?thank you Dr. Jeffery singer and your staff for a wonderful experience I could not be happier with my results amazing ?

Michelle C.

Very friendly with his patients..He make you feel like you guys have known each other a lifetime..Made my experience worth while..I would recommend everyone to him..He explain the procedure before to make sure you have a clear understanding of what will take place and he also explain step by step as he does it..I felt nothing the whole 15 minute procedure..I feel like a young girl again since my lasik...Thanks Dr Singer...Everything PERFECT!!!!I drove from Mississippi to there..Also just so you know there are some hotels that offer discount for your stay to his patients...very well talked about guy..

Derek R.

I was just referring someone to this place when I noticed I have not done a review yet. I actually had LASIK performed on both eyes by Dr. Singer in early 2015 after several of my coworkers had positive experiences and recommended him (my optometrist recommended him as well). It's late 2018 and I'm still extremely happy with my decision to have the procedure done - it truly is life changing. His prices were by far the lowest compared to everyone else I know who has gone to other doctors (around 40-50% cheaper), which initially made me hesitant (no one wants to "cheap out" on your eyesight). However, after so many referrals I got up the courage to go. I will say that it was very busy each time I went, but they are efficient at what they do. There was no chitchat or get to know you, it's all business which was fine with me. They provided quality work at a great price.

Dana M.

Had my eyes done about 15yrs ago by Dr. Singer and it is still perfect. My site was -8.5 and now 20/20 Love it! My husband had is done to!

Breanna F.

I got PRK done back in April by Dr. Singer and he was amazing. My vision was way in the toilet and now it's great. I would recommend him in a heartbeat.

Lily J.

The staff here was friendly and very polite. The procedure was very fast and well done. Dr. Singer really knew what he was doing and that was comforting. Their price was very reasonable and it made the wait time worth it. If your going here for your lasik surgery then be prepared to stay for quit some time. I went in yesterday for my surgery appointment at 3:30pm and didn't leave until about 7. People!!! they are a busy doctors office and there is a very good reason why. They are awesome. I would recommend them to anyone. If you are impatient then that's your own problem. Thanks for everything Singer & Haley staff and Dr. Singer!!!!!

Stacy W.

Awesome experience, would do it again in a heartbeat! I was there about 2 hours and the staff repeated all my previous tests that had been performed at my initial exam which made me feel much more secure. Then Dr. Singer came into the exam room, explained the procedure, and repeated my refraction (checked my glass prescription.) After that I was brought into the operating room which was large and had floor to ceiling windows for my family to watch (there is a TV about 70 inches mounted on the wall that displays the whole procedure.) My mom made a video of my surgery for me to watch later. The contacts I wore prior to my surgery were -3.00 with some astigmatism which caused me to need to wear special contacts to correct the astigmatism which were uncomfortable to wear. The surgery lasted less that 10 minutes and the minute I got up my vision was much clearer. When Dr. Singer checked it the next day I was 20/20 in each eye and the vision was already much clearer that it was with my contacts. The process is scary (you only have two eyes) but Dr. Singer made feel very comfortable before and during the procedure. I would tell anyone considering the surgery to use him.

Tom N.

I had been think about having LASIK for at least 5 years but was really scared. After Dr. Singer had operated on over 10 people that I knew and they were all very happy I finally worked up the courage to get it done. It was one of the best decisions of my life. In retrospect I was scared for nothing. The surgery was almost painless (just slight pressure on my lids.) Dr. Singer talked me through the whole surgery which he performed in about 5 minutes. It helped that I was able to watch the surgeries he performed before mine on that day. He also let my brother come in the room to watch and even let him video my whole surgery. The moment I got up out of the laser I saw good. And by the next day I was seeing much better than I ever saw with my contacts (I was near sighted with lots of astigmatism.) Since my surgery I have recommended Dr. Singer to several of my friends and they have all been so happy. Thanks Dr. Singer!

Bernard T.

I was referred to Dr. Singer after another ophthalmologist left me legally blind. I demanded to be referred to the best eye doctor in the state.
My records were sent to Dr. Singer for review. When I had my first visit he had already reviewed my medical history. After Dr. Singer examined my eyes and took extensive measurements, he carefully took the time to explain how he would restore my eyesight. He was wonderful I went from legally blind to not needing glasses to see.

Lance G.

Best money I have ever spent Dr. Singer and his staff were wonderful!

Amber N.

I only wish that every issue could be fixed this easily. I'm 29 hours post-op, and I am watching a very small TV on the other side of the room. I've been in glasses for 30 years. I'm almost 40, and what a GREAT way to enter this decade of my life. THANK YOU!

Suyapa G.

Great Experience !!!
Thank You Dr. Jeffrey Singer and Staff for your prompt and wonderful attention towards my eyes. Dr. Singer and Staff makes sure their patients are taken care of, happy and satisfied.
I will definitely recomend his work to family and friends.

London M.

We originally went in with one plan in mind for LASIK for myself. After the Pre-Op exam he informed my wife and I on his recommendation for my LASIK due to my eye shape and prescription. He was very informative and showed a true concern for my success and safety! 6 Months later, I still have 20/20!! I’d HIGHLY recommend Dr. Singer! Especially if you’re in the Baton Rouge area.

Louise R.

I’m reading great comments about Lasik but I want to talk to older folks and cataracts. Any doctor can focus on the eye but dr Singer and dr Walia (my follow up dr) focus on the person. My options were discussed and everyone made sure I was comfortable before moving to the next step. Also no hidden fees! They went over what my insurance paid and what my share was and there were no additional charges. EVER. Not even a copay. This is the only dr I have that has that mastered! PS great staff!!!

Bryan C.

After 25 years of glasses I'm sitting here 36 hours post op and I'm finally able to see this computer monitor; it's a wonderful feeling. Dr. Singer's staff was very well coordinated & knowledgeable, not to mention friendly. Dr. Singer himself was very thorough in his explanations, gentle with my eyes, and answered all questions very informatively. As i'm still healing, I still see halos around bright lights, especially at night, but it is already significantly reduced from just last night (the night of the surgery); this is expected and he says should resolve itself fully in the next few weeks, with the worst outcome at a few months.

I highly recommend Dr. Singer and his staff int the Metairie office.

Jose H.

Had cataract surgery on both eyes doctors and staff very nice also on call Doctor call me back right away over the weekend

Chelsea B.

I traveled from Foley, AL to see Dr. Singer. For the first time since I can remember, I can see crisp and clear. My eyesight is even better than it was with contacts. The team was friendly and knowledgable and Dr. Singer made things so comfortable. I will recommend him to anyone looking for LASIK.

Trew T.

I had LASIK done on both eyes by Dr. Jeffrey Singer last month and I couldn’t be happier with the results or the fast and efficient process. I would recommend him to anyone looking to have there vision corrected.


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